About Sotica

who we are and why we exist

At the heart of Sotica is the belief that every person has the right to human dignity. This belief provokes thought and action that engages and empowers people to make valued contributions to their communities, workplaces and families. Having a voice in communities and groups that you belong to, and to whom you matter enables you to break free from limitations. It creates places where you’re included and respected, appreciated for your uniqueness, and valued for who you are as a fellow human being.

Sotica’s unique combination of highly valuable knowledge, skills, experience, passion and thoughtfulness enable organisations and the people they exist to serve to achieve strategically important outcomes

When people interact with Sotica it’s important they feel:

  • Valued for their perspective and opinion
  • Free to explore new ideas
  • Invited to collaborate
  • Encouraged to persevere and
  • Inspired to contribute to important community challenges.

This is demonstrated through Sotica services:

  • Consultation on a broad range of organisational and social issues
  • Co-designing services with and for the people being served and
  • Assisting with strategy, governance systems and organisational processes.

To reach its potential, Sotica needs to:

  • Build constructive relationships with a range of stakeholders
  • Create structured approaches for strategy, policy, and procedure development
  • Connect people to share ideas and explore new ways of working
  • Articulate the value delivered by innovative ways of thinking and working and
  • Encourage evidence-based research and innovation to guide policy and practice development.

Sotica is driven by what we believe in and what we stand for. Sotica’s values are:

  • Build relationships based on mutual respect, expertise and friendship
  • Be courageous
  • Embrace and drive change
  • Act in a way that actively promotes what is wise, right and just
  • Pursue growth and learning
  • Create fun and enjoyment and don’t take life too seriously
  • Honour the trust given to us (by our clients)
  • Maintain a healthy and balanced life

These values guide every action, communication, and decision at Sotica.

To discuss how Sotica might benefit you or your organisation directly, please use this contact link, or call Sotica on 0414394939.


about leighton jay

Sotica’s Principal, Dr Leighton Jay, works mostly with human and community service organisations to assist them with strategic projects. His organisational dynamics knowledge, expert facilitation skills and well-developed thinking skills have evolved over more than 20 years in leadership positions and in a career as a Management lecturer and researcher at Curtin University.

Leighton has presented at numerous national and international conferences including the Claiming Full Citizenship Conference (Vancouver 2015),  the 2015 and 2017 Community Living Ontario Provincial Annual Conferences and Directors Group Meetings, EGOS (2011), ASID (2014) and numerous ANZAM Conferences.

Leighton values continuous and experiential learning and frequently incorporates reflective and action learning processes when working with clients. He is a qualified Company Director (GAICD) and has served lengthy terms on the Boards of two WA-based community service organisations. He has recently been appointed to the NDIS’s Independent Advisory Council until June 2023.

Based in Perth, Western Australia Leighton also assists individuals, families and organisations to develop and implement personalised approaches designed to enable all people to have a good life. He is personally committed to facilitating the empowerment of people who are often marginalised and who live with significant challenges in their lives. He is passionate about enabling all people to have meaningful roles in society, exercise self-direction in their lives and develop social connections and deeper friendships.

Leighton is the parent of three adult children, one of whom has high support needs and who teaches Leighton a great deal about disability, human rights and true inclusion. Leighton also has lived experience of mental health recovery both personally and in supporting several family members.

To discuss how Sotica might benefit you or your organisation directly, please use this contact link, or call him on 0414394939.




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