Sotica can assist your organisation with expert facilitation that includes:

  • improving meeting efficiency and effectiveness
  • gathering input from a broad range of stakeholders
  • holding difficult conversations that effectively address real problems
  • generating innovative solutions
  • reflective and experiential learning
  • including ‘quieter voices’ in conversations and discussions
  • collaborating across organisational silos and boundaries.

In each of these situations, enabling people to work together efficiently, functionally and effectively to achieve shared goals is a key outcome. Sotica is committed to ensuring that the results of collaborative endeavours achieve the desired outcomes as fully as possible. Sotica’s Principal, Dr Leighton Jay, builds stakeholder engagement, focuses commitment, taps into passion and energises participants through the use of carefully crafted group process knowledge and skills.

IMG_1074Sotica’s facilitation expertise is founded on many years of applied facilitation experience, knowledge, research and skill development that includes PhD research; international professional development in Australia, Singapore, Canada, South Africa and the UK; more than a decade teaching facilitating and group process skills to postgraduate university students; and numerous national and international conference presentations and workshops.

Sotica is a member of the Facilitators Inner Circle.

To discover how expert facilitation might benefit your organisation or situation, contact Sotica here or call Leighton on 0414394939 to discuss how we can assist you.



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