Social Innovation

The last decade has seen the rise and rise of ‘social innovation’ across the world. In part, social innovation is a form of community development that seeks to replace some of what communities and societies have lost in the ‘corporatisation of everything’ over the past 30 years. Yet social innovation is much more than this. Sotica actively supports social innovations that empower individuals and communities to exercise greater choice and control in domains of life that are important to them. While this is often challenging, it is increasingly important that all organisations collaborate to create synergies resulting in stronger, more inclusive and more supportive communities.

Sotica’s Principal, Dr Leighton Jay, is actively involved in the rapidly evolving human services sector. He is passionately committed to assisting interested parties to work collaboratively in ways that bring diverse resources to social innovation initiatives in order to maximise outcomes and benefits. Examples of social innovation initiatives Sotica is currently supporting can be found here:
Art Partners

If you are interested in exploring how Sotica can enable your organisation to contribute to building stronger social infrastructure through social innovation, please contact Leighton here, or call him on 0414394939 to arrange an initial conversation.



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