Thought Leadership

Sotica does thought leadership in two ways. Firstly, Sotica both generates and engages with new and thoughtful ideas that stimulate new conversations, decisions and actions that create systemic change and influence. Thought leadership of this kind requires creativity, collaboration and expansive possibility thinking. ‘What would it take to …?’ is always a useful question to ask.

Secondly, Sotica highlights HOW people think. The assumptions we make and the thinking frameworks we use are fundamentally important in determining the actions we take. The technological advances and galloping globalisation of recent decades have created a vastly more connected and complex world which routinely operates on limited collection and analysis of data and rapid turnaround times. For many people, this has reduced their opportunities to engage in deeper thoughtfulness and ‘meta analysis’ – stepping back to consider the mental models and frameworks that are being used and how those might be affecting perceptions, assumptions, inferences, conversations, decisions and actions.

Sotica draws upon Leighton’s systemic and critical thinking capabilities to create intentional reflective processes and well-crafted questions that assist organisations to think more deeply and so act more effectively. Partnering with Sotica will enable organisational leaders to examine how things like feedback loops, tipping points and forces of attraction affect your organisation’s dynamics, behaviours and systems.

To find out more about how Sotica could contribute to better thinking in your context, contact Sotica here or call Leighton on 0414394939.




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