In a landscape of choice and control . . .

in a landscape of choice and control, whose voice makes the choice?

People whose lives are characterised by challenges associated with complex disabilities are among the most marginalised citizens in many developed countries. The rights and opportunities to make or participate in decisions that directly affect their own welfare and life experiences are frequently undermined or extinguished – even by well-intentioned people. The arrival of the NDIS in Australia has been accompanied by the broad adoption of the phrase ‘choice and control’ as a key descriptor. It reflects the growing expectations of many service recipients and their family members. As the established support systems that service this group adapt, it is imperative that we ask the question “whose voice makes the choice?” In considering this question, the concept of governance can usefully be applied at the level of individuals’ lives. This paper demonstrates that this concept can usefully reposition such individuals as more engaged co-designers of the services and supports they need . . . (continue reading)


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