The s p a c e in which we live and move and have our being

The  s p a c e in which we live and move and have our being

By Leighton Jay © 2015

Our world, our universe – is mostly vast open space

Space for dreaming

Space for dreams

Space for moving through

Space for being in

Space in which to breathe freely.

Yet in our lives we fill in the space –

We close it up as if capturing it.

But in doing so, we lose it.

We build bigger houses – houses with more space inside

We measure the space –

“how many metres is your house?”

But the space outside is smaller

And soon enough we clutter the space inside with things.

We build cupboards in which to hide the things

Cupboards that keep out the light

That capture and allocate the space

We hear ourselves saying

“It would be nice to have more space to move around in”


“Wouldn’t it be great if we had a space in which we could relax.”

We don’t notice the space

It’s not on the list of valued items in our world.

Perhaps its overabundance blinds us to its possibilities and value.

We only notice it when it gets squeezed, when we feel cramped and contained by the closeting claustrophobia of the lack of space

And we go on filling up the space near us with so much industrial offal that we can no longer see through the space

and we can no longer breathe comfortably in the space that we are co-creating.


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